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Published: 21 Oct 2022

A new initiative will be bringing arts and culture into the city on two amazing nights this summer.

First Fridays is a CityTown trial supporting local artists, performers, and businesses while inspiring Timaruvians through exciting arts experiences on the first Friday night in November and December this year.

The Timaru CityTown project is reimagining and regenerating the city centre of Timaru through the co-development of an investment in a 10-15 year Master Plan with a capital budget of $34.6m.

As a part of the Timaru CityTown Strategic Framework, local artists, performers, and businesses will engage the community through a range of exploratory and targeted Trials such as First Fridays.

The purpose of the Trials is to test different concepts within the community in real-time before committing large amounts of funding towards any permanent or physical changes in the Timaru city centre.

First Fridays will bring together local shops, businesses, and galleries. Business owners within the trial area that want to extend their opening hours into the evening will host creative events.

While nearby galleries, vacant spaces, and public areas will come to life with exhibitions, performances, workshops, live music, crafts, and much more.

Ignite Timaru Event Coordinator, Kimble Henderson, says First Fridays will bring a vibrant pulse of night life to the city centre.

“From each ends of Strafford Street, there will be creatives filling the streets,” she said.

“There will also be exhibitions in various blank spaces around the city, a pop up stage on George Street, and a kidzone.

“It’s a chance to connect with each other and support one another to create something bigger than ourselves.”

The long-term goal of First Fridays is to expand people’s networks, create new experiences for the community, and create more economic and artistic opportunities in the future, which is a part of the feedback received from the public during the consultation period.

First Fridays - IGNITE TIMARU will be in the city centre on Friday 4 November and Friday 2 December from 5-9 pm.

Last updated: 21 Oct 2022