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Published: 29 Dec 2016

Timaru District Libraries are bringing in new technology to enhance the services provided to our customers. Early next year the library will begin preparing for the installation of a new RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system. 

This will enable the self issue of items, quicker returns and a faster turnaround of library items. 

Libraries Manager, Justin McLauchlan said that the RFID technology will be a wonderful addition to the libraries, offering benefits for both customers and staff. 

“Instead of having to scan items one by one, the new RFID system will allow multiple items to be checked in or out in one transaction. This will enable quicker issue and return of materials,” he said.  

“We are really looking forward to using it across our three libraries as we implement the technology into Timaru, Temuka and Geraldine.” 

Installing the system will cost $267,000. All 155,000 items in the libraries collections will undergo processing to be RFID compatible.  

Staff will be trained using the new system so that our customers will be fully supported once the new technology is up and running. 

“Replacing our aging security and issue system has been a priority for the library as we move to further enhance the services provided by Timaru District Libraries to our communities.  

“Similar systems are already operating in libraries throughout New Zealand and internationally. It is a big undertaking to convert the collections but the efficiencies gained in the long run and the improvement in customer experience will make it worthwhile.” 

Timaru District Libraries has selected a system from Bibliotheca who provide specialist library RFID technology. All existing library cards will be compatible with the new system. 

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