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Published: 01 Aug 2019

Timaru District Council is making it easier for residents to find out about planned infrastructure projects ahead of time with the launch of a new interactive map.

The forward works online map, available at provides information of the major projects of the council and state highways that are either planned or in progress in the current financial year.

Council’s Land Transport Manager Andrew Dixon said that the concept was trialled last year with a limited number of roadworks but now offers a detailed view of the of the hundreds of projects happening throughout the district.

“The map broadly outlines the locations of different types of project works in different colours.” Dixon said.

“Last year, we trialled the project with land transport projects such as footpath, kerb and channel renewals, road reconstructions, road resurfacing and seal widening works.

“We’ve now upgraded the service this year by adding water, sewer and storm water projects, as well as being highlighting the projects that NZTA are undertaking on the state highways.

“Each asset manager updates their particular programme in our asset management software and when the online map is updated their changes are shown on the map.

“The map will be monitored and updated on a regular basis as new projects are confirmed.”

The map, which is based on existing council systems, is very easy to use.

If people want to see what works are planned to take place around them they can just type it into the search area and it will load option as you type.

If you want more information about a specific project, you just click the line on the map.

“The map is useful as it can give people some idea if their road is likely to be worked on this year. It also serves offer businesses an advanced heads up that there may be some disruptions with these projects.

“The map is also a really useful tool internally, as it managers and contractors identify when there may be clashes between the different projects and help with project coordination.”

“The mapping tool for us is to know what is being constructed in the roads and ensure the timing is right so that roads newly sealed or upgraded are not dug up soon after completion.”

You can see the map at

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