Last chance to have say on bylaws, Easter trading, RMA Fees

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Published: 25 Oct 2017

Time is running out for people to have their say on current consultations.

The consultations on the review of local bylaws, Easter trading and fees around Resource Management Act activities all close on Monday, and it will be the last chance for people to have their say about them before the final version is prepared.

The proposed updates to these regulations and fees are all detailed on the website, and submissions can be easily made online, by downloading a form, or sending us a letter or email.

Timaru District Council Environmental Compliance Manager Paul Cooper said that it was important for people to have their input into the rules that affect the way we live, work and play in certain areas.

“Bylaws cover protecting the public from nuisance, minimising offensive behaviour, health, safety and a range of environmental issues.

“Currently we are reviewing our bylaws to keep them relevant and address any emerging issues. We want to hear from you about the changes we’re proposing

“It covers everything from how many chickens you’re allowed to have in your garden, to what sort of businesses are allowed to operate in certain areas is and lots of other small, but important things in your every day lives.”

The Council is also seeking community views on Easter Sunday trading in the district, with the current proposal being that shops across the district are able to trade on Easter Sunday if they choose to.

“Taking part in the consultation only takes five minutes and can make a huge difference in the community. So make sure you get to our website this weekend and have your say,” said Paul.

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