Waste collaboration to offer environmental & cost benefits

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Published: 19 Aug 2020

Reducing the environmental impacts and cost of waste going to landfill is the aim of the new $112 million waste minimisation and management contracts awarded by Mackenzie, Timaru and Waimate District Councils.

EnviroWaste Services Limited has been named the successful bidder for the 15 year jointly procured contracts, which will see them provide complete waste management services to residents and businesses throughout the three districts.

Following an extensive evaluation process, EnviroWaste scored top on the non-price attributes, which covered the skills, experience, resources, and methodology offered by proposers to successfully deliver the service specifications. The company also had the lowest overall proposal price.

Timaru District Council Waste Minimisation Manager Ruth Clarke said that the new contracts provide for a significantly higher level of service, in conjunction with reduced risks and long term costs to all three councils.

“We will receive additional benefit in extensive education programmes, new technology and customer service apps, the development of the Redruth site with new organic processing facilities and enhanced sustainability practices, including a completion of the new Sustainability South Canterbury Trust facility and solar panels on the Materials Recovery Facility,” she said.

“The EnviroWaste submission provides for an increased level of service across all three councils, while providing efficiencies of using pooled resources and all Councils using the Redruth Resource Recovery Park for recycling and organics processing.

“Alongside the provision of kerbside collection services, there will be significant ongoing regional collaboration around education and contamination control. This provides the opportunity to realise significant benefits, particularly as there is increased government focus on waste minimisation and increases in waste levy.

“Increasing the amount of waste diverted from landfill on a coordinated, regional basis aligns well with central government waste priorities and plays a significant part in ensuring affordable, sustainable services for our communities long into the future.”

While services for Timaru and Mackenzie customers will continue as normal, Waimate District customers will begin to receive a dedicated green waste service in addition to rubbish and recycling collection.

Future options being discussed as part of the contract are separate glass collection, and addition of organics collection for Mackenzie.

The new contract will begin on 1st July 2021 for Timaru and Waimate District Councils and 1st October 2021 for Mackenzie District Council.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021