Two iconic sculptures find a permanent home in Timaru

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Published: 27 Feb 2020

Two iconic sculptures from acclaimed local artists Gypsy and Eddie Poulston have a permanent home in Timaru thanks to the generosity of the Poulston Family.

The two artworks Family of Three and Gothic Arches have been generously offered on permanent loan to Timaru District Council by the family.

Family of Three is already in place in the fernery at Timaru Botanic Gardens, Gothic Arches will be on permanent display as part of the Timaru Library renewal work currently underway.

At the official acceptance ceremony at Timaru Botanic Gardens today (Wednesday 26 February) Timaru District Mayor Nigel Bowen thanked the Poulston Family for their generous gift to the community.

“South Canterbury has a strong and vibrant arts community, and few artists have made their mark on our civic landscape more than Gypsy and Eddie Poulston.

“Their beautiful rendering of the Timaru City Crest on the council clock tower greets me every time I come into my office, and their artworks are a major part of the South Canterbury collection of The Aigantighe.

“We’re a creative and innovative community and having creative, innovative artworks throughout our streetscape serves to inspire and delight both residents and visitors alike.

“So on behalf of the Timaru District community I’d like to thank the Gypsy and Eddie Poulston for leaving such a positive mark on this city and their family for entrusting us with some of their greatest works to ensure they legacy lives on.”

The Poulston family were unable to make the ceremony but sent a message to be read out at the ceremony.

It said: “We are delighted to have the work made publicly available, for citizens, visitors and future generations to enjoy.

“The opportunity to have the legacy of our parents continued in this way, in the city they loved, is very much appreciated.”

Family of Three is made from cast Aluminium and Aluminium Sheet, and is designed to gently weather over time.

Gothic Arches is made of welded steel with a mixture of steel strips at the base and hollow steel tubing making up the arches themselves. The whole sculpture is mounted on a block of local bluestone.

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