Critical we keep taking restrictions seriously say Mayors

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Published: 04 May 2020

The Mayors of Mackenzie, Timaru, Waimate and Waitaki are asking our communities to keep taking COVID-19 restrictions seriously, warning of significant harm if we go back to Level 4.

The mayors thanked our communities for doing their bit to flatten the curve and ensure we were able to come out of the strictest level of lockdown this week, but underlined the necessity for people to continue to do everything they could to help eradicate the virus.

Speaking for the group Timaru District Mayor, Nigel Bowen said that the more seriously people take the restrictions at Level 3, the quicker we can move to Level 2 and beyond.

“Everyone in the community needs to play their part to help protect everything that’s great about our region, everything from the businesses that provide employment to the amazing shops and hospitality businesses we all love,” he said.

“We know that many businesses have been significantly hurt by the restrictions at Level 4, but hopefully many will now begin to rebuild again. If we were forced to go back to Level 4 due to complacency it could deal a critical blow to many, and it would be a catastrophe for our communities.

“In the long term, the inherent strengths of our region mean we can come out of this stronger and more resilient than ever, but that needs every single one of us to keep taking the restrictions seriously.

“However, there are also some opportunities in Level 3 and beyond to provide real support to the local businesses that make this place so special.

“You can help by online shopping at the local businesses that plough money back into the community, you can buy a coffee online at one of the local cafes and pick it up safely, you can get our amazing local produce delivered to your door and you can even get meals from many of your favourite local restaurants at home.

“While online shopping offers the world as a marketplace, it also lets you choose to support the businesses on your doorstep and help ensure they are still there when we emerge from this in the future.

“Population wise we’re about two percent of the team of five million trying to tackle this issue, but the goods and services we provide to New Zealand and the world make us a particularly important part of the national recovery.

“So stay home and support local, in doing this you can both save lives and save livelihoods.”

The Mayors and Chief Executives of Mackenzie, Timaru, Waimate and Waitaki District Councils have been holding weekly meetings during the lockdown period to work on ways to collaborate to enable joint recovery activities for the whole South Canterbury/North Otago region.

Councils, Chambers of Commerce and District Development Bodies are all collaborating to promote the local businesses that are the lifeblood of the economy.

These include:
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