Council Introduces Water Restrictions Level 1

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Published: 29 Jan 2020

A major spike in water usage across the district means that Timaru District Council is introducing Level 1 water restrictions as of now.

Level 1 restrictions require all residents to reduce their water use, and prohibits watering of lawns.

Average daily water demand in January 2020 is sitting at 34,100 cubic metres of water. That’s 34.1 Million litres, or enough to fill the outdoor pool at CBAY nearly 14 times, and is nearly 10% up on this time last year.

Acting Group Manager Infrastructure Erik Barnes said that people are currently putting too much of the district’s water supply to non-essential uses.

“Our water team have been working hard to ensure that we have minimal losses from our water infrastructure, and will be working with industry, but we also need the community’s help in protecting this precious resource.

“Although you can depend on water coming out of your tap, it’s not limitless. Our network can’t continue to support the high levels of outdoor water usage, particularly those using sprinklers to keep their lawns green.

“We’re asking people to embrace their golden lawn during the height of summer, it won’t be harmed in the long term and will be green again once the rain starts coming later in the year.

“Level 1 is the lowest restriction we can put in place, but if we don’t get enough support from the community we may have to progressively increase the measures we put in place.”

The district townships and rural areas have also seen significant rises in their water usage, with Temuka and Rural Areas up 20%, Geraldine up 40% and Pleasant Point is up 50%.

There are lots of steps that people can take to save water, these include:

Inside the House

  • Take shorter showers
  • Check for leaks
  • Turn off taps
  • Use a dual flush toilet
  • Install flow restrictors
  • Use dishwasher & washing machine on a full load

Outside in the Garden

  • Use a good mulch
  • Don’t water your lawn
  • Remove weeds
  • Use a sprinkler with a timer
  • Soak, don't spray
  • Don't water paths or driveways
  • Water the roots and not the leaves

For more information on water restrictions, and more ideas of what you can do to save water, visit:

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