Timaru Perfect Home for Scott Base Build

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Published: 11 Jun 2021

Timaru should be seriously considered to be the home of the Scott Base build, says District Mayor Nigel Bowen.

In the latest budget the New Zealand Government committed $344 million to rebuild New Zealand's home in Antarctica, Scott Base.

The project involves the fabrication of the buildings and a new windfarm prior to their shipping to Antarctica. Estimates show there will be 170 jobs involved at the peak of the construction, and more than 700 jobs over six years.

Timaru District Mayor Nigel Bowen said that the city’s port had the perfect mix of facilities, with ready access to an extremely capable trades and servicing sector to fully support the project lead and Government successfully deliver this major project.

“Timaru’s Prime Port is a resilient, well-resourced and well connected port which has the room to grow, and is the perfect home for this kind of project,” he said.

“Investments of this scale shouldn’t default to the major cities just because that’s what’s always happened.

“There is knowledge, skills and talent throughout Canterbury that can be harnessed to help deliver the new long term home for Aotearoa in the Ross Dependency.

“We’re hoping following the billions of dollars the Government has invested in our cities, they take this opportunity to facilitate investment and growth in a smaller area with immense potential.”

The current base, built in the early 80s and made up of 12 buildings will be replaced with three interconnected buildings and will accommodate up to 100 people.

The new base will consist of an accommodation, dining and welfare building, a science and management building and an engineering and storage building.

The base is one of the major contributors to climate science in New Zealand and Globally.

“As a coastal community we’re already seeing some of the effects of climate change up close, so it would be a great opportunity for our community to make a real physical contribution to climate science in this way,” said Nigel.

Last updated: 11 Jun 2021