Caroline Bay Lift elevated to new heights

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Published: 28 May 2021

An important accessible link to Caroline Bay will return with repairs to the Piazza lift commencing next week.

Schindler Lifts have been contracted to install modernised equipment; including a new control panel and cabinet, hydraulic system and car operation panel.

The Piazza Lift will also be fitted out with new safety and security enhancements such as lighting, CCTV cameras, and an alarm system.

The lift in the Piazza, an important accessibility link to Caroline Bay, has been out of action after two instances of significant vandalism in 2019.

Infrastructure manager Andrew Dixon said that the age of the lift, plus the supply chain effects of COVID-19 made it more challenging than expected to complete the report.

“This is an important link to the bay for all people, particularly those that are unable to use stairs. We are delighted that the repairs and upgrade is now underway and that it will be operating again soon,” said Dixon.

“This lift itself is relatively old and sourcing the parts has been a real challenge. This was exacerbated through Covid-19 lockdowns and border restrictions creating shortages in the supply chain as specialist parts had to be fabricated and sourced from Europe and Australia.”

Initial inspection by the manufacturing operator suggested that the repairs would cost upward of $60,000. The total cost of the incurred damage is approximately $87,900, the majority of which will be covered by the Council’s insurance.

“In addition to the remedial work necessary to repair the vandalism, we are will funding the modernisation of other aspects of the lift. This includes the addition of lighting, CCTV, replacing glass panels, installing a new stainless steel floor and setting up an alarm system.

“These investments in security will hopefully put people off vandalising the lift in future, and make it easier to identify people if they do.”

Work will be getting underway on 31 May, and is anticipated to take approximately two months.

The immediate construction site will be cordoned off but Caroline Bay will remain accessible to the public during this time and disruption to surrounding business will be minimal.

Last updated: 28 May 2021