Water outage of the Downlands Water Supply

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Published: 24 Jan 2020

There is an outage of the Downlands water supply water main through Totara Valley area.

The water main has burst on a property at Totara Valley due to a fitting on the pipe breaking.

Approximately 100 tanks are affected on Howell, Agnew, Totara Valley, Opihi, Skinner, Opihi School, Gould, Chisholm and Collett Roads. Please refer to all of the tanks in blue on the map.

There is a section of consumers in the area that are not currently being supplied with water. Citycare and our contractors are repairing the pipe urgently and water is expected to be back by 6pm today if everything goes to plan.

We are asking people to conserve water if possible. If your tanks are empty please call Temuka transport to get water delivered.

There will be no requirement to boil water once the supply is reinstated. We will keep you updated with the latest information.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021