Notice of Pest Control Night Shoots

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Published: 16 Sep 2019

Timaru District Council contractors will be undertaking night shoots to control numbers of rabbits in its parks and reserves.

Shooting will be undertaken over several nights from Monday 16th September till Thursday 19th September From 9pm to 3am in the following parks:-

  • Temuka Domain
  • Centennial Park (Scenic Reserve)
  • South Beach
  • Patiti Point Reserve
  • Leckie St Reserve
  • Timaru Cemetery
  • Redruth Park
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Otipua Beach

The council has decided to move away from using pindone poisoned baits this year as shooting provides a more selective manner of controlling rabbit numbers which is safer for domestic pets.

By controlling pests in this manner there is no chance of dogs and cats directly eating poison, nor secondary poisoning through eating carcasses.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021