2022 Local Elections - Final Results

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Published: 13 Oct 2022

Timaru District Council

2022 Triennial Elections

Declaration of Final Result

In accordance with section 86 of the Local Electoral Act 2001, I hereby declare the results for the following elections held on Saturday 8 October 2022.

I confirm that the official result was determined after the scrutiny of the roll was completed, the validity of all special votes was determined and all valid votes were counted.


(one candidate to be elected)

Candidate Votes Received
BOWEN, Nigel William 11,875
PIDDINGTON, Stuart Bruce 4,499
Informal 6
Blank Voting Papers 592

I therefore declare Nigel William BOWEN to be elected.

Geraldine Ward

(One Councillor to be elected)

Candidate Votes Received
OLIVER, Gavin Peter 1,224
O'DONNELL, Wayne Dale 749
FINLAYSON, Jan Roanna 488
Informal 6
Blank Voting Papers 14

I therefore declare Gavin Peter OLIVER to be elected.

Timaru Ward

(Six Councillors to be elected)

Candidate Votes Received
PIDDINGTON, Stuart Bruce 6,201
SCOTT, Stacey Alice 6,143
BURT, Peter John 6,018
JACKSON, Owen Francis 5,842
BOOTH, Allan Peter 5,242
PARKER, Sally Belinda 5,058
GILCHRIST, Barbara Jane 4,543
JACKSON, Stuart Don 3,867
BENNETT, Peter George 3,187
BUNTING, Antony George Osmond 2,940
CROSBIE, Christine Janice 2,463
TITHERIDGE, Troy Nicholas 2,351
TALBOT, Daniel James 2,296
CLARKSON, Michael David 1,051
WILSON, Shane Graeme 712
Informal 34
Blank Voting Documents 115

I therefore declare Allan Peter BOOTH, Peter John BURT, Owen Francis JACKSON, Sally Belinda PARKER, Stuart Bruce PIDDINGTON and Stacey Alice SCOTT to be elected.

Pleasant Point Community Board

(Five Members to be elected)

Candidate Votes Received
MUNRO, Ross Hanlin 782
HESSELL, Raewyn Jean 587
LYON, Anna Elizabeth 585
THOMAS, Michael Ashley Noel 580
WILKINS, Kathleen Rita 556
LEMMENS, Johanna Elisabeth Maria 536
SMITH, Gavin Daniel 519
DENTON, Sarah Louise 502
Informal 1
Blank Voting Documents 32

I therefore declare Raewyn Jean HESSELL, Anna Elizabeth LYON, Ross Hanlin MUNRO, Michael Ashley Noel THOMAS, and Kathleen Rita WILKINS to be elected.

Temuka Community Board

(Five Members to be elected)

Candidate Votes Received
SCARSBROOK, Charles William 1,355
TALBOT, Alison Elizabeth 1,255
BAIRD, Aimee Norma 1,182
NIMO, Nicola Elizabeth 1,036
BROKER, Doreen Gaye 1,020
MCCULLOUGH, Stephanie Joan 989
JACKSON, Tracey-Anne Heather 653
STOTT, Scarlett Murphy 495
Informal 4
Blank Voting Documents 47

I therefore declare Aimee Norma BAIRD, Doreen Gaye BROKER, Nicola Elizabeth NIMO, Charles William SCARSBROOK and Alison Elizabeth TALBOT to be elected.

The voter return was 49.22%,being 16,845 votes, excluding special votes.

Mark Low

Electoral Officer

Timaru District Council

Geraldine Licensing Trust

13 October 2022

Unopposed Elections

The following candidates were elected unopposed and come into office on the day following the publication of this public notice:

Timaru District Council

Pleasant Point - Temuka Ward

(Two Councillors to be elected)

PYE, Michelle Louise

SHANNON, Robert Scott

Geraldine Community Board

(Six Members to be elected)

ADAMS, Janene Margaret


MINNEAR, Shane David

O'DONNELL, Wayne Dale

SIMPSON, John McGregor

WOODS, Rosemary Helen Woods

Geraldine Licensing Trust

(Six Members to be elected)


DONKERS, Nicola Jane

HEWSON, Johanna Dale

MACLEOD, Ross Romuald

SIMPSON, John McGregor

WOODS, Rosemary Helen

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