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Published: 30 Mar 2021

The Friends of the Aigantighe recently announced that they would pledge the sum towards the seismic strengthening and restoration of the 116-year old, category-2 heritage listed property, which closed in 2017, when the building was deemed to be earthquake prone.

This matches a donation recently made by the Timaru Civic Trust to help fund the project.

The Friends of the Aigantighe Art Gallery was founded in 1976. They are dedicated to encouraging engagement in the visual arts and supporting the Aigantighe Art Gallery through volunteer and financial assistance. Today the Friends has over 180 members, who enjoy a range of benefits including invitations to exhibition openings and events, regular email newsletters and a discount at the Gallery shop.

On announcing the donation, Geoff Cloake, on behalf of the Friends Committee said that it was fantastic that they could provide this support to help bring the Heritage House Gallery up to its former glory.”

"It's so exciting to see preparations well underway and a great future for the house assured,”

“It's even more exciting to know we will be walking through again, seeing it and our precious art even better cared for.”

“Congratulations to the Aigantighe Art Gallery Staff and Timaru District Council for recognising the uniqueness and stepping beyond restoration to make the gallery experience even greater than before.”

“In recognition, and to match the Civic Trusts pledge, the Friends of Aigantighe are thrilled to make this pledge and build on the 45 years of support." he said.

Planning and preparation works on the estimated $3 – $3.3m Heritage House Gallery project is well underway and will deliver significant improvements to the building. Physical works are planned to commence later this year, once funding for the project has been secured.

Project Manager, Hamish Pettengell, welcomed the donation saying it is another significant boost for the project and shows growing community support for the project.

“The Friends of the Aigantighe Art Gallery have supported the Gallery in a range of ways for over four decades. One of the key ways in which they’ve supported us is in the conservation and restoration of some of our nationally significant artworks.

“Aigantighe House is probably the biggest and most important artwork in our collection, so it’s fitting that the Friends will play a key role in helping us bring it back to life.

“The Gallery is very grateful for the Friends ongoing support and proud of the legacy they have built over the past 45 years.” he said.

Aigantighe Art Gallery is open daily while the Heritage House Gallery Project progresses, the exhibitions currently on display include My Beloved, which features favourites from the Gallery’s permanent collection and Cellular Memory, a stunning exploration of micro-biology, oceanography and mathematics by Elizabeth Thomson. For more information about the Aigantighe Art Gallery, visit aigantighe.co.nz

Last updated: 30 Mar 2021