STEC will remain open following seismic review

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Published: 04 Apr 2022

The Southern Trust Events Centre’s earthquake prone status will be resolved as part of the upcoming redevelopment project, and it will be mostly business as usual until then.

A recent comprehensive engineering report has shown that overall building rating is below 34%, meaning it has been designated as earthquake prone.

The overall score for the building is based on the lowest score of any part of the Structure. While the gym, lounge and hockey clubrooms are below 34% of the Importance Level 3 standard, the main courts, entry foyer and front offices are all well above this.

Acting Group Manager Community Services Erik Barnes said that in common with thousands of other buildings across the country, STEC’s earthquake prone status doesn’t mean it is dangerous to occupy or use.

“We take the safety of those using our facilities extremely seriously. Following this detailed assessment we’re confident that the community can continue to safely use this popular sports facility until the upgrade work commences,” he said.

“Earthquake prone doesn’t mean a building is unsafe to use on a day-to-day basis, it just means that it wouldn’t perform as well as a brand-new building would during a significant earthquake.

“Under the earthquake prone building provisions in the Building Act the Council has 25 years to resolve these issues, but they will all be resolved much sooner as part of the Aorangi Park redevelopment project.

“In the run up to the redevelopment, STEC will remain open and available for sporting, events and tenants use as normal.

“The majority of users won’t see any changes, but there will be some restrictions on what type of event can be hosted in the lounge area.”

As part of the recent Long Term Plan, Council made the decision to undertake the development of Aorangi Park and Stadium between 2023 and 2025.

This option means Council will fast-track the development of Aorangi Park and Stadium, moving construction forward to 2023/24-2024/25.

Last updated: 04 Apr 2022