Check connections to curb rural water demand

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Published: 11 Aug 2016

People in rural areas supplied water by the Timaru District Council need to check their connections after a significant spike in usage.

Current consumption is currently sitting at around 20% more than the expected demand for this time of the year.

Gerard Cody, Water Services Reticulation Engineer at the Council said that water demand in Timaru District Council operated rural water supply schemes was very high due to frost damage to pipes, including pipes that supply private tanks.

“Please check the frost plugs on your tank supply to your storage tanks to ensure the plug is installed correctly,” he said.

“To repair frost damage to the tank supply that is not the frost plug, please contact the Timaru District Council at any time.

“You may wish to turn off your tank to stop the flow of water until it is repaired.”

Frost plugs are an important part of the supply system that ensures pipes aren’t damaged by water expanding when it freezes, and if left out can cause a spike in water demand.

To contact the council, please call 03 687 7200 (24 hours)

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021