Temuka Trunk Water Main Renewal

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Published: 17 Dec 2015


  • 18 December 1:30am: Main charged, crew heading home. Upgrade completed.
  • 17 December 10:30pm: Refilling the main. This is expected to take 4-5 hours.
  • 17 December 10:00pm: Reilly Road connection nearing completion.
  • 17 December 9:00pm: Winchester connection nearing completion. Concrete to go.
  • 17 December 7:30pm: Reilly Road - Beeby Road connection underway.
  • 17 December 7:20pm: Winchester tee in.
  • 17 December 6:00pm: The work is underway, with the valves now closed.

Press Release - 15 December

The replacement of 3.8 kilometres of the Temuka trunk water main is programmed to be commissioned this week, with the changeover scheduled to happen on Thursday evening from 6pm through to 8am Friday. The renewal of this water pipe has been a priority project in the Council’s Long Term Plan. The leakage from the joints on the existing cast concrete pipe can reach significant levels, and although remedial works can reduce leakage for a time, the long term solution is to replace the trunk main with PVC pipe.

The commissioning will involve shutting down the water supply from the Temuka reservoir at Orari and connecting the new pipeline to the reservoir outlet and also to the existing trunk main on Reilly Road (near Beeby Road).

There will be disruptions to the Temuka water supply throughout the changeover period and the Council ask that residents minimise water usage during this time and only use water for essential purposes. Some properties may experience low water pressures.

Consumers may find that water from the taps may appear cloudy, following the shutdown. However, this is normally a result of air in the water mains and if a glass or jug of water is left to stand for a few minutes the air (and the cloudiness) should disappear. The water is safe to drink.

We'll keep you informed on the exact times of outages during the week beginning Monday 14 December through:

If you have any queries please contact Lenard Smythe (Timaru District Council) at 03 687 7200 or 027 439 3410.

Thank you for your help.

Grant Hall
Drainage and Water Manager

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