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Published: 27 Jul 2017

at 4pm, next update tomorrow at 9.30am.

State highways are all open but are subject to winter driving conditions.

Road Closures

  • Te Moana Rd – from 5km past Leishman Rd
  • Rice Rd – closed at the bridge
  • Andrews Stream Rd – from Tripp Settlement Rd
  • Keen Rd – at the ford between Woodbury and Tripp Settlement roads
  • Naughton Rd – unsealed section between Kerrytown and Foleys roads
  • Foley Rd – Falvey Rd to Naughton Rd

Ford Closures

  • Omelvena Rd
  • Goodwin Rd
  • Ambler Rd
  • Chalmers Rd
  • Burnham Rd
  • Blandswood Rd
  • Orari River Rd
  • Keen Rd

Surface Flooding

  • Casey Rd – at ford
  • Brockley Rd – at ford
  • Kerrytown Rd – at the Falvey Rd intersection
  • Burnham Rd – near Mahan Rd intersection

Still minor surface flooding in rural areas and not all of it is signed, motorists need to drive with care.


  • Douglas St – single lane priority Give Way traffic control setup around the retaining wall collapse site, and the footpath has been closed.
  • Rice Rd – the bridge has been damaged and the road is closed until the ford can be repaired.

Reinstatement Work

  • Langridge Rd – surface reinstatement work completed but still to be sealed
  • Kerrytown Rd seal extension – surface has been reinstated but still to be sealed
  • Orton Rangitata Mouth Rd – shoulder scouring has been repaired
  • Burnham Rd – scouring repaired at the Mahan Rd intersection
  • Te Moana Rd – 20 tonne excavator continuing to open access to the last 5km of the road
  • Rangitata Gorge Rd – 14 tonne excavator on site clearing culverts, reinstating fords, and to digout soft area which has developed between Boundary Stream bridge and Coal Hill Station
  • Andrews Stream Rd – inspection of damage being done today
  • Blocked culverts – two excavator crews have started clearing blocked culverts on unsealed roads in the Waitohi and Te Moana areas
  • Unsealed roads – we have four graders working on the network repairing scouring and tidying up flood damage issues.


There are very few additional flooding issues resulting from today’s rain, the main problems again being around the Kerrytown/Falvey/Naughton/Foley roads area.

The fords on Brockley Rd, at the Smart Munro/Doake road intersection, and on Smart Munro Rd are running water and are being signed.

Critical sumps in Timaru, Temuka, Pleasant Point, and Geraldine have all been checked today and cleared as required.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021