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Published: 07 May 2019

Timaru District Council has begun the search for someone to deliver its renewed tourism strategy.

The council is bringing district tourism and destination marketing in-house to enable better delivery of the new strategy, and is looking for the right person to lead it. Aoraki Tourism, which up to this year was delivered by an external contractor, will become a part of the TDC communications team, allowing better sharing of resources.

A new Visitor Promotions Specialist, funded from the existing tourism budgets, will be charged with delivering the new visitor strategy, which is currently being developed in consultation with local tourism stakeholders.

Timaru District Mayor, Damon Odey says that the role will be refocused on delivering what the district does best, to the right audiences.

"Timaru District is already a quiet achiever in the tourism sector, it's already a large contributor to our local economy to the tune of $200 million each year, but we need to get better at telling our stories and showing more people the amazing selection of things to see and do here,” he said.

"With the end of the current contract, it was a good opportunity to assess the sector’s needs moving forward, and work with key tourism stakeholders on how we can collectively achieve this.

"This isn't about reinventing the wheel, we already have an amazing selection of things to see and do throughout the district, from rafting the Rangitata to unique Māori rock art, stunning alpine scenery in Mesopotamia and sweeping ocean vistas from Caroline Bay.

"We're aiming to be leaner and more strategic in our delivery of the new tourism strategy, targeting funding at the most appropriate markets, focusing on where we can make a difference, proving our worth and growing from there.

"Increasing tourist numbers will mean more demand on council services such as venues, parks and reserves, so bringing the tourism function back in house will give it better community and sector oversight, to ensure that it's managed in a way that enhances our community. At a basic level, sharing 'back office' costs with the council will also free up more budget for promotion.

"As mayor, this connection also helps me advocate for what we need at a national level, whether that's improved infrastructure funding or attracting new businesses to the district."

Advertising for the new Visitor Promotions Specialist opens today, the new strategy will be presented to council and public prior to the commencement of the new structure from 1 July 2019.

For more information about tourism in Timaru and the wider Aoraki Region, visit www.aorakitourism.co.nz

The main responsibilities of the new Visitor Promotions Specialist will include:

  • Delivery of the new Visitor Strategy for the Timaru District.
  • Creating and implementing targeted marketing campaigns through a variety of distribution channels promoting Timaru District’s tourism assets, events and activities, with a goal of increasing our domestic visitor numbers.
  • Providing advice and facilitation to help attract more sporting/cultural/music events to the area.
  • Identifying areas of potential market growth.
  • Liaison with the Visitor Centres across the Timaru District to ensure they have current promotional/ tourism activities/events information
  • Encouraging excellence across our tourism and visitor sector – continued engagement with key association/tourism leaders and providing feedback and ideas on improvement
  • Optimise the Aoraki Tourism Website and well as other Social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook, ensuring consistent messaging across all platforms

A full position description is available at Timaru.govt.nz/jobs

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021