Timaru Water Temporary Discolouration

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Published: 07 Mar 2022

The massive increase in water flow caused by the break in the Marine Parade trunk line has stirred up small bits of manganese that had settled in the network and is causing discolouration one again for some customers.

We apologise for this, it should only be temporary and the water is continues to be safe to drink.

  • You should be able to run your tap for a short while and it should come clear.
  • We are also repairing the trunk main which will bring flows back down to normal levels, which will also help.
  • The medium term fix for this issue will be to flush all the water mains, we will do this on completion of the pareora pipeline so we can ensure we have the security of supply.

Again, we sincerely apologise for this unexpected turn of events, but please be assured that our team is working hard to resolve the issue.

Last updated: 07 Mar 2022