Public Notice of an Application Concerning Resource Consent

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Published: 15 Jun 2017

Timaru District Council has received an application from John and Rosemary Shirtcliff for a resource consent.

Application Number 101.2017.2
Application Type Subdivision
Site Location 584 Orari Station Road, RD22, Geraldine 7992

Description of Application

Consent is sought to subdivide Lot 1 DP 82810 to create nine new allotments.  The allotments are intended for rural residential use and will range in area from 0.57Ha (5,700sq.m) to 7.09Ha.  

The application includes an assessment of environmental effects.

The application may be inspected at the Customer Services Reception, Timaru District Council, 2 King George Place, Timaru and is also available to view online. Please contact Gemma Conlon, 03 687 7223 if you have any questions about the application.

Any person may make a submission on the application, but a person who is a trade competitor of the applicant may do so only if that person is directly affected by an effect of the activity to which the application relates that -

  1. adversely affects the environment; and
  2. does not relate to trade competition or the effects of trade competition.

You may make a submission by delivering a written or electronic submission to Timaru District Council at 2 King George Place, PO Box 522, Timaru, fax 03 687 7209, email The submission must be on Form 13. Copies of this form are available from the Timaru District Council offices or via download below.

Submissions close on 13 July 2017.  

You must serve a copy of your submission on John and Rosemary Shirtcliff (the applicants), whose address for service is 584 Orari Station Road, RD 22, Geraldine 7992 as soon as reasonably practicable after serving your submission on Timaru District Council.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021