Work resumes on Domain Ave sewer project

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Published: 26 Apr 2018

Work has resumed on the major project to replace Temuka’s sewer main running along Domain Ave.

The project, which was initially programmed to be finished last year was stopped at Christmas for a redesign following the discovery of unexpected ground conditions.

Grant Hall, Timaru District Council Drainage and Water Manager said that it was important to take time to pause the project and rethink the design rather than ploughing ahead with it.

“Temuka has always traditionally had quite a high water table so we weren’t expecting, and our surveying didn’t identify, that there was a large area of dry, gravelly stones at the top end of Domain Ave.

“This slowed progress down to an unacceptable level, so for reasons of cost effectiveness and worker safety it was decided to go back to the drawing board to get the job complete.

“We know this job has been inconvenient for many people in the area, but we’re asking them to bear with us for a little longer so that we can complete the job and improve waste water services in the area.”

The job, which will be concentrated on the area between Wilkin and Hayhurst Streets, has a forecast completion date of May 2018.

Following the completion of the job, the road will be patched and levelled, before the road is completely resurfaced during the 2019/2020 roading season.

Land Transport Manager, Andrew Dixon said that one of the things identified during the works has been a poor road pavement under the surface, so the plan is to have a full reconstruction and strengthening of the busiest part of the road between Whitworth and Hayhurst with the area between Hornbrook and Murray being completely levelled and resealed.

“We have to give the ground around the water infrastructure works at least a year to settle, and we can only seal roads during spring and summer, so it means that we’ll miss the 2018/2019 road reseal window.

“Allowing for this extra time will enable us to provide a better, more resilient surface which should offer far better driving conditions.

“As an interim measure following these works, we’ll aim to get as good a surface as possible.”

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