Camera Surveillance Public Notice

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Published: 12 Sep 2016

The Timaru District Council has installed Closed Circuit Television Cameras in areas of the Timaru District Council's property situated at King George Place which are accessible by members of the public.

The purpose of the installation of these cameras is to prevent and detect crime or anti-social behaviour. This is to ensure the protection and safety of individuals and Council property.

The areas to be subject to surveillance are as follows and will be clearly identified by appropriate signage:

  • Public areas, including the interview rooms on the Ground Floor and excluding the Building and Planning enquiry offices
  • The public reception area outside the meeting rooms on the First Floor

If you have any questions about the cameras please contact:

  • The Chief Information Officer, telephone 03 687 7200

The Council also operates a Camera Surveillance Policy which can be viewed online or can be made available by Council staff upon request.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021