Finding stray bins next stage of RFID bin muster

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Published: 02 Jul 2018

With the majority of bins in CBD Timaru area tagged, Timaru District Council is now working to tag those that may have been missed the first time round.

In the coming weeks the refuse trucks will record when they pick up untagged bins and TDC staff will follow up with the registered owner to ensure they have a correct set of bins and that they are all tagged.

Ruth Clarke, TDC Waste Minimisation Manager said that it’s important to ensure that everyone has the right number of bins and that they are all RFID tagged.

“Last year’s ‘Great Bin Muster’ was a big success and we tagged the vast majority of bins, the next stage is to now follow up the stray bins that either missed being tagged or are not part of a complete set of bins,” she said.

“Over the next few weeks we’ll be following up any untagged bins we collect to ensure everyone is getting the service they’re paying for.

“It’s important to ensure that your bin has a valid RFID tag in it, as there will be a point in the near future that without a tag, the bin won’t be emptied.”

Every bin tagged during the campaign in spring last year had a yellow sticker attached. If your bin is missing this sticker, you can give the waste minimisation team a ring on 687 7200 or email

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