Temuka Water Supply

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Published: 10 May 2017

Update // 17.53

The water has been switched back on but will take a while to get back up to pressure.

It may be a little discoloured from dissolved air in the pipes, but is safe to drink.


Temuka water supply is still limited to zero flow but the pipe repair is well under way, Site conditions are not helpful as the main is over two meters deep in running shingles.

Estimated time back on of the water is in approximately 1.5 hours, but hopefully sooner.

There maybe air in the water due to filling the main with water again. The dissolved air may make the water look a bit milky when you run it, but it's safe to drink and will clear soon.


Due to a failure in the Trunk water main supplying Temuka, water may be off or intermittent for a period this morning.  

The pipe failed earlier this morning and is now being prepared for repair – the Failure point is between Rise Road and Richard street Winchester.

Further information will be supplied as it becomes available.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021