Major upgrade to Te Moana comes on stream

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Published: 22 Dec 2022

With the new $3.7 million treatment plant coming on stream, Timaru District Council is pleased to officially lift the precautionary boil water notice for all customers on the Te Moana Water Scheme.

Over the past few weeks, the new Te Moana microfiltration water treatment plant has been in a commissioning and testing phase, following the completion of the physical construction in November.

Timaru District Council Drainage and Water Manager Grant Hall said that the opening of the plant was a major step in ensuring the long-term sustainability of the scheme.

“This is a big milestone for Te Moana customers, and we’re pleased that we are now in the position to remove the precautionary boil water notice before Christmas,” he said.

“Our tests over the commissioning period have shown that the treatment plant has performed well in the recent heavy rains, treating high turbidity water while remaining compliant with the drinking water regulations, which is a major step forward for the scheme.

“The new plant adds significant resilience to the Te Moana water scheme and, while acknowledging the quality and foresight of the original design and implementation, enables us to move the scheme to a higher level of service, meeting new regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.

While the treatment plant is one part of the improvement, the new water source location has also improved raw water quality and will enhance the flows in the north branch of the Hae Hae Te Moana River.

“The new treatment processes include latest technologies and are designed to maximise operational efficiencies. Our operational team will be continuing to optimise treatment systems into the new year.”

While council can ensure the quality of supply up to the ballcock, it’s important that people ensure their tanks are in a good condition to keep their supply safe. Summer is a good time to clean and maintain their storage tanks. For more information about how to do this visit:

“We would like to thank Te Moana residents for their patience while the boil water notice was in place during construction of the treatment plant. We hope that the removal of the boil water notice is a welcome relief as we enter the holiday season,” said Hall.

The commissioning of plants for the Downlands and Te Moana Schemes mean that the council has been able to remove boil water notices from all Te Moana customers and the majority of those connected to Downlands.

Precautionary notices are still in place for Downlands customers in St Andrews, pending completion of the UV treatment plant upgrade and Waitohi pending the repair of a pipe running under the Opihi River.

The upgrades also enable the expansion of the schemes for the first time in many years to offer extra water and new connections. More information is on the Timaru District Council website.

Last updated: 22 Dec 2022