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Published: 28 Apr 2018

The rain is likely to be causing high levels of surface water on the roads, so please drive with caution.

There’s a lot of fallen leaves around thanks to autumn, which can cause some blockages, but we’ve got crews out checking the usual spots for any issues.

We’ve got teams working on various areas around Timaru/Temuka and checking rural roads out to Geraldine. We’re systematically working through all the roads as fast as we can.

- PLEASE AVOID ALL FORDS. Do not cross them as they may be running faster and deeper than they look.

- The rural roads are seeing significant surface water and we would recommend against all non-essential travel.

- Some surface water on the roads is normal, we need to slow the water down so that the stormwater system isn’t overwhelmed. You must ensure you drive to the conditions, which means slowing down around areas of ponding.

- If you have any significant issues (water not being contained by the road, please call us on 687 7200).


Woodside Road closed at culvert between Te Moana Road and Slacks Valley Road. Please use alternative route.

Last updated: 24 Feb 2021