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Published: 21 May 2020

Taking Us Forward - Our District's Recovery Plan

This is a summary of Councils response to the effects of COVID-19. We are continuing to refine and adapt our response to best meet the community’s needs.

What we are doing now

For you

» Review Annual Plan and rates rise» Providing more services online
» Contactless payment options» Ensuring out services are delivered safely according to restrictions
» Provide more options for payment of fees and charges 

For Business

» Offer Payment Plans to Spread Cost of Fees» Support Aoraki Development and SC Chamber of Commerce campaigns
» Trial changes to CBD parking to support shopping local» Development Manager available to guide large projects through council consenting processes.
» Rapid Supplier Payments» Put shovel-ready infrastructure projects forward to central government for funding.
» Technology adopted to provide building inspections to be carried out remotely. 

For the community

» Maintain a Civil Defence response» Initiating and leading the Re-ignition Panel
» Refocused budget» Greater co-operation and engagement with Central Government on funding opportunities

What we are planning to do

Continue to advance and implement the actions above, as well as:

For you

» Rates Rebates and penalties policy review

For Business

» Accelerating the large programme of projects» Finding ways to accelerate our consenting processes
» Increase the focus on sourcing products and services from and through local suppliers» Ongoing Support for local stimulus campaigns

For the community

» New $2M additional stimulus fund» Manage transition of emergency welfare functions to other organisations» Developing and implementing the City Hub strategy
» Refocused Annual Plan» Ensure the review of the District Plan reflects the community's aspirations for our built environment.» Updating our emergency management planning to increase our community's resilience.

What we're thinking about

Council is starting to think strategically about our future in a post-COVID world.

How to increase the economic, social, cultural and environmental resilience of our community to better weather unexpected events

Supporting our CBDs to be the hubs for our towns so people are attracted to shop, live and play.
Improving our community connectedness

Dealing with the 'new normal' world  COVID-19 has created.

Addressing the disruptions caused to our society by megatrends (e.g. low emissions economy)

 How to maximise environmental outcomes while keeping rates affordable for current and future generations.

Recovery Action plan

Last updated: 27 May 2020