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Published: 08 Nov 2016

People throughout Timaru District are being asked to take the opportunity to have their say on how land is used in the future.

The Timaru District Council has launched its District Plan Review with the release of ten discussion documents covering major topics that are subject to the district plan, with another nine to be released before the end of the year.

Mark Geddes, District Planning Manager, says it is important for people to take part in the District Plan review as it has a major influence on the development of the district.

“The District Plan manages all land use and subdivision activities in the District, controlling what land use activities are allowed and where,” he said.

“There are a variety of ways the District Plan can affect members of the public. If you own or lease land, the District Plan controls what type of activities you can conduct on that land, what you can build, how high you can build and certain aspects of the design.

“Amongst other things, it also controls whether you can subdivide that land and how much noise you can make. District Plans also control what is happening next door and in your neighbourhood.”

The discussion documents released today are:

  • Topic 2: Subdivision
  • Topic 3: Ecosystems and Indigenous Biodiversity
  • Topic 4: Natural Hazards
  • Topic 5: Landscapes and Natural Character
  • Topic 6: Heritage Values
  • Topic 7: Soils, Minerals and Earthworks
  • Topic 8: Energy
  • Topic 9: Utilities and Infrastructure
  • Topic 10: Transport

The discussion documents may be downloaded from Timaru District Council’s website here.  You can also get them from Timaru District Libraries and council offices.

“We’ll be holding public drop in sessions early next year to discuss the issues identified in each topic and look at possible options to resolve them, and we’ll be collecting written submissions until February 10, 2017.

“We know there are a wealth of knowledgeable and creative people throughout the community, and this is an opportunity for them to help shape a sustainable community for the future.”

Feedback can be made via the council website where you can make an electronic submission or download a feedback form to be emailed, posted or delivered to any council office up until 10 February 2017.

For more information visit www.timaru.govt.nz/dpr

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