Milford Huts Flood Warning

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Published: 21 Mar 2023

Milford Hut Community

Information Notice – Possible Inundation

Due to the forecasted prolonged Wave Warning, there is a risk that the Opihi River mouth will close. The full lagoon combined with oncoming waves significantly increases the risk of overtopping of stopbanks and flooding.


  1. If the ECan ‘Opihi River mouth – stage only’ gauge reaches 3.3m we would recommend you evacuate to friends and family.
  2. If the ECan ‘Opihi River mouth – stage only’ gauge reaches 3.5m Timaru District Emergency Management will be evacuating the Milford Hut community due to the risk of inundation from the Milford Lagoon.

You can access the guage data here:

Actions you should take:

  • Ensure you know where you can evacuate to.
  • Prepare your property for flooding.
  • Ensure you have all necessary medications, documents and immediate possessions that can be transported in your vehicle.
  • Ensure pets are prepared for evacuation.
  • Inform friends/relatives of your movement and destination.
  • Monitor your own situation and if you feel unsafe evacuate to friends and family overnight.
  • Emergency information will be at or on the

Metservice Wave Warning for Waitaki River to Le Bons Bay

Valid from 3:00pm 21 March to 6:00pm 22 March


Combined Wave: Southerly combined waves rising to 5 to 6 metres early Tuesday evening, then easing below 3 metres late Wednesday afternoon. Peak period 11 seconds.

Swell: Southerly swell rising to 4 metres Tuesday night, then easing below 3 metres Wednesday afternoon. Period 11 seconds.

Wind Wave: Southerly wind waves 3.5 to 4 metres, then easing below 3 metres Wednesday morning.
Pressure: Minimum pressure 1000.6 hPa forecast 10am Tue 21st. Maximum pressure 1017.9 hPa forecast 1pm Wed 22nd.

Tides: The highest risk period is typically at or within 1-2 hours of high tide.
Timaru high tides: 3:52pm Tue 21st, 4:22am Wed 22nd, 4:43pm Wed 22nd.
Next issue by 2:00pm 22 March

Last updated: 21 Mar 2023