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Published: 10 Sep 2021


We’re waking up to some wind damage across the district tonight after last night’s blustery norwester.

There are likely to be downed trees and power lines, so please drive with extreme care.

Our teams will be out inspecting the road network and clearing any issues throughout this morning, but it may take some time to get everywhere.

Road Closures

  • Orari Station from Coach to High School - POWER
  • Beaconsfield Road at Adair and Clay – Arial Fibre Optic
  • Doake Road at Rolling Ridges – POWER
  • Keane Road at # 132 – POWER
  • Pudjeck Road

Parks and Reserves

CENTENNIAL PARK (Scenic Reserve) Closed

Our Parks team have closed Centennial Park for safety reasons following last night's significant winds.
They're currently undertaking an inspection, and will reopen the park as soon as they are sure it is safe.

Riddells Reserve - CLOSED

Riddells Reserve is closed until further notice due to tree damage following last night's high winds.
Please do not use this reserve until further notice.

Last updated: 10 Sep 2021