Library reopens after upgrade

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Published: 10 Aug 2018

Timaru Library has reopened today with its new RFID system allowing faster turnover of books and self-check facilities.

The library has been closed for four days for the upgrade, which will also include a new door at the back of the library for direct access from the car park from next week.

Timaru District Libraries Manager, Adele Hewlett says the upgrade to self-check & self-returns has been on the cards for some years for the Timaru District Libraries, and follows the project last year which saw all items in its collection RFID tagged.

“The introduction of the new RFID system will increase community interaction, with the placement of staff to assist customers as they enter the Library.

“The Libraries will be maintaining current staff levels. The introduction of RFID will increase the ability of staff to spend more one-on-one time giving advice and guidance to borrowers.

“Not only will staff be able to provide a more personalised level of service, borrowers will find the system easy to use, more convenient and faster.”

To issue a book people just need to scan their library card then stack all their books on the issue machine. No need to scan individually. When returning a book at Timaru they simply place it on the returns shelf and it automatically comes off their card.

“The amazing thing about this is that the books then instantly return to circulation, people than come and take books off this returns shelf and take them out themselves.

Provision has been made for those who may have difficulties reading a computer screen, with appropriate font sizes and instructions that are straightforward and easy to read.

Temuka and Geraldine Libraries will have a self-issue kiosk and security gates.  Timaru Library will have self-check, self- returns and security gates.

“We understand how important it is for library users to have a great experience when they visit the library, and once people get used this system we know they’ll love it.

“We’ll always have staff on hand at the library to give advice and help to anyone that needs it.”

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