70,000 Milestone reached in Timaru District Libraries Guinness World Record Attempt

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Published: 26 Nov 2021

Timaru District Libraries have today beaten their target of 70,000 peggy squares for the Guinness World Record Attempt to knit the World’s Largest Knitted Blanket Fort.

On June 12 2021, Timaru Libraries launched their knitting project – an attempt to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the world’s largest knitted blanket fort. The current record is  625.79 square metres. To beat this challenge, Timaru District Libraries will attempt to erect a 700 square metre blanket fort or larger.

Timaru District Libraries Manager Adele Hewlett said that when Timaru District Libraries laid down the challenge in June of this year, Library Staff thought that the 70,000 milestone might be years in the making.

“We knew that there were some avid knitters in the community but we had no idea that our idea would generate this level of support,” Said Hewlett.

“This is a project by the Community for the Community. That has been our mantra all along. The idea being that at the end of our attempt we will have hundreds of blankets that we can give to local community organisations.

“Although, 70,000 squares was our initial milestone we will continue collecting peggy squares – the more squares the larger the fort – the larger the fort the larger the record.”

“Our next step is to sew the squares in to blankets of varying sizes.  If you are interested in helping please contact your local library”

“Keep Calm and Knit On”

Last updated: 26 Nov 2021